On-the-Day Wedding Coordination Package

  • Maximum of three (3) personal meetings after contract-signing; unlimited consultation services via
    phone call, web call, text messaging, and/or e-mail
  • Finalization and review of contracts with booked suppliers
  • Provision of detailed wedding planning worksheet/checklist
  • Ground planning inclusive of assistance in the layout of reception seat plan
  • Plotting of detailed Wedding Day Itinerary
  • One (1) wedding rehearsal, if preferred by the client (to be scheduled according to availability of couple and entourage)
  • Reminding of suppliers and entourage regarding call-time and other instructions a day before the function
  • Assistance in wedding-related errands on the day of the event
  • Event Day Coordination:
    • Assistance from 1 head coordinator and 5 event assistants, one of whom will serve as a personal assistant for the bride
    • Church coordination (including overseeing of music queue and entrance of bridal entourage)
    • Supervision of suppliers’ arrival and delivery of supplies
    • Inventory of items brought by suppliers (flowers, cake, catering menu, lights, sound system, etc.)
    • Distribution of flowers to bridal entourage
    • Assistance for the couple from hotel to church and reception areas
    • Assistance in conducting the order of pictorial during the ceremony and reception
    • Guest reception and ushering (including signing of guestbook or creative guestlog)
    • Direction of reception program flow [to be coordinated with assigned Master(s) of Ceremonies]
    • Distribution of souvenirs
    • Collection and inventory of gifts
    • Distribution of supplier meals
    • Disbursement of payments to suppliers on the night of the event
  • Turn-over of materials procured for the event, whether utilized or unutilized.