Sheena’s genuine passion for party-planning started when she solo-handedly prepared her own debut celebration in May 2003. The experience opened her eyes to the rewarding results brought by meticulous planning. Her resourcefulness, leadership, and multi-tasking skills were developed even further when she headed different college organizations and committees in the University of the Philippines, Diliman where she took up Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science.

Sheena’s decision to focus on the wedding planning industry was inspired by the numerous occasions when she got invited to wedding events. Having observed several blunders that could have been avoided in such important affairs and having personally heard heartbreaking feedback from guests in several of those events, she vowed to help future brides get their dream weddings sans the sharp claws of wedding critiques. She started to do wedding planning for free for a few selected friends in 2008 in order to gain experience at first and formally took up a seminar on Effective and Creative Wedding Planning in 2009. She also did hosting jobs on top of these coordinating tasks. Having exposed herself enough to this exciting industry, she officially established SMA Weddings and Beyond in December 2010 and opened the business to the public. Since then, it has been a thrilling but fulfilling ride — meeting different bridal personalities, discovering new ideas, establishing good supplier relationships, and dodging obstacles.

She treats each client’s event as if it were her own wedding. Her team performs tasks that are beyond the usual duties of ordinary wedding planners — their priority has always been to give excellent service not just to their clients but also to those who will share their most special day. Under her mentorship, the SMA team provides a unique approach in dealing with clients. (Read clients’ reviews here!)

Sheena’s brilliant style of managing events make her a dream match for any type of bride and groom who want nothing else but the best on their big day.